Gustavo Goulart

Actor & Singer

Born in the city of São Paulo, on September 26th 1989, this international Actor holds outstanding accomplishments in the arts, including Best Actor Awards on Film Festivals from literally all continents in the world, mostly with Independent Movies. Gustavo Goulart has over 25 years of a versatile career that also includes Directing, Writing, Producing, Composing, Singing, among other arts-related activities. He is responsible for creating Goulart Foundation, a Nonprofit Organization that helps fundraise new artists worldwide who are unable to finance their own projects. Additionally, he is the Founder & CEO of a Film Company and Music Recording Label called GoulartMedia, which has been in the market for a very long time. Lastly, Gustavo Goulart holds a National Record in Brazil: In the first semester of 2009, when he was still 19 years old, he officially became the Youngest Director and Youngest Producer to be granted a Permanent License from SATED, an entity that's wholly comparable to both DGA and PGA in the United States of America. The picture shows Gustavo in August 2020, and has no filters or effects on it. Feel free to connect with him by using any of those buttons displaying right below. There are many ways to find him.

Gustavo Goulart - Actor and Singer

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Gustavo Goulart - Actor and Singer

The Artist

Height: 6 feet 1⅝ inch (1,87m)
Weight: 163 pounds (74 kg)
Hair Color: Dark Blond
Eyes Color: Light Brown (Hazel)
Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Harmonica, Piano, and Dance.
Karate, Judo, Soccer, Basketball, and ease at simulating Accents from Countries and Regions.
English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian.
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The Entrepreneur

Gustavo Goulart is also a very experienced entrepreneur, who has failed enough to learn how to find the right roads.He is the Founder & CEO of a Film Company, a Recording Label, and a Charity Institution for Artists in Need.Furthermore, he is the man behind a very successful company that operates completely outside of the arts and entertainment industry. This company represents his main source of income, and it's his "secret identity". He would never mention it. However, it's huge and worldwide, so you probably have heard about it. Chances are you already even bought some of the products developed by his company.

Gustavo Goulart - Actor and Singer

The Human Being

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